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Dedicated to the famed UFO researcher Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle C. Stevens, this epic documentary exposes decades of government disinformation, keeping knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence from the public: ongoing censorship and manipulation by the media, NASA's shocking evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, secret underground bases, genetic experiments, alien implants, cattle mutilations, reverse engineering of alien technology, and an ancient history of an ongoing alien presence on Earth. Extensive interviews reveal the political motivations for the lies, harassment and discrediting of UFO abductees and witnesses. Among the 36 world renowned UFO experts and whistleblowers are: the former prime minister of Canada the Honorable Paul Hellyer, President Carter's investigative consultants Daniel Sheehan and Alfred Webre, New York Times bestseller Jim Marrs, US Air Force Captain Robert Salas, Air Force Colonel/nuclear engineer Don Ware, UK Ministry of Defense spokesman Nick Pope, astronomer Jacques Vallee, professor/abduction researcher David Jacobs, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, and many more, including contactees and abductees.

Duration: 85 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.6

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